Our Advent Series: What God Wants for Christmas
November 28, 2018

A few weeks ago, Amanda Imwald shared that she was using the theme, “What God wants for Christmas” for the Club’s Christmas party. Apparently there is a book by that title.  I got to thinking that would make a good Advent series. The main idea is that God wants our hearts.  While this is true, I was disappointed with the simplicity of the conclusion. How would I come up with five sermons on the fact that God wants our hearts? After giving this some thought and prayer, here are five gifts we can give to God this Christmas. We will look at each one of these gifts throughout Advent.

  • Our attention – Look for God at work this Christmas in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.
  • Our trust – To believe the Christmas story is a leap of faith, but it’s a leap of faith that can lead to salvation. After all ,God came to earth for you and me. He has proven His love for us.
  • Our talents –  Be God’s hands. One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Little Drummer Boy”. It reminds us that we need to respond to what Christ did for us. Part of that response is giving back to Him what He has given us. Our gifts and talents should be offered to Him as gifts of love that can be used for His glory and to bless others.
  • Our voices – Be God’s voice. The Christmas story gets lost in the celebration.  We have the opportunity to let people know there is something more to Christmas. We need to “Go tell it on the Mountain that Jesus Christ is born!”
  • Our Hearts – Is there room in our hearts for Jesus? There was no room in the inn for baby Jesus. We have to make a decision to allow Him to dwell in our hearts. We need to intentionally make room for Jesus.

This year, let’s focus on our response to what God did for us by sending His Son into the world. Something so awesome and life changing can’t go unnoticed or be shrugged off. It calls for a response. So, what gifts are you giving God for Christmas?