Let the Fun Begin!
May 3, 2018

It is important that we as a church family enjoy one another’s company and have fun together. There are all kinds of ways to do that, it could be with a few people in a home, going out for dinner, bowling, etc., or it could be in a larger more organized setting, like the Deacon’s Ice Cream Social. If we are going to have fun together it really comes down to our attitude and intentions. It might sound funny, but there are times that we just need to be determined that we are going to have fun. There are plenty of things that can get in way of that – worries in life, too many responsibilities and so on. Let’s be determined to have fun!

Here are a few exciting things that are in the works to create that atmosphere of fun:

Ÿ A themed Sunday possibly this summer or fall. What if we would pick for example, a western theme? We’d encourage everyone to dress accordingly. The music that morning could have a western flare to it, maybe we could even wrangle up some cowboy food to share.  I’ll be meeting with the Worship Team Leaders soon to look at a possibility like this.

Ÿ A church-wide retreat.  Have you ever been to the Christian Retreat Center (https://www.crctims.org/)? It’s a Brethren In Christ camp at East Waterford, PA, roughly an hour from here. I believe that New Guilford used to do a Kid’s Club retreat there.  What if we’d take a weekend and invite everyone to join us? There are all kinds of options available from camp sites to hotel style rooms. We could plan for some downtime, group meetings, fun activities and even some entertainment.

 Ÿ An anniversary celebration. In 2020, New Guilford will celebrate 150 years as a church. We need to celebrate this milestone! God has been faithful and good to us. Many lives have been changed, many people have grown in their walk with the Lord, and many have been sent out.  We might think that’s still a year and a half away, but it’s not too early to be brainstorming some creative ways to celebrate what God has done. If you have any ideas or would like to be part of a planning committee, please let me know.

I don’t know about you, but just thinking about these possibilities gives me something to look forward to. However, these events and any other time we are together with the church family will not be as meaningful if we don’t appreciate each other and thank God for the family he has given us. We are blessed to have one another! Let the fun begin!