From the 2008 Achives — A Professional Christian
August 1, 2018

I found this collector’s item advertised on the Sporting News Fan Shop website.  I am not a regular visitor to this site.  I found it by using Google (of course).


Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson – Power – Speed – Consistency – Autographed Baseballs with 3 Ball Display Case

You too can own this great piece of New York Yankees memorabilia for only $599.  It is a collection of three autographed baseballs.  Here are some of the details given about this collectors item.

Combine speed, power and consistency with this great one of a kind memorabilia package.

The Speed:  Rickey Henderson is the all time leader in stolen bases with an outrageous 1,406 for his career. One of the best leadoff hitters Henderson was a 10 time All-Star and won the MVP in 1990.

The Power:  Standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall, David Winfield was a giant among men. Winfield was one of the most dangerous hitters of his era smacking 465 home runs and 540 doubles during his Hall of Fame career.

The Consistency: Donnie Baseball defined consistency during his 14 year career. The six time  All-Star anchored the New York Yankees lineup and finished his career with over 1,000 RBI and a lifetime .307 batting average.

It is the description of Don Mattingly (Donnie Baseball) that got my attention.  He represents consistency with his impressive statistics over a 14 year career.  Consistency is one of those qualities that is very important as a professional athlete.  It is often one of the qualities that separates an amateur from a professional.  An average college baseball pitcher might be able to throw a 95 mile per hour fastball here and there. While a professional pitcher is expected to throw with speed and accuracy game after game.

You might find it odd that I would use the word “professional” to describe a Christian, but here is my reasoning.  Just as consistency is an important quality for a professional athlete, it is also important for a follower of Jesus Christ. In our Sunday morning series on the book of James, we have established the fact that James is challenging believers to be mature in their faith.  One of the signs of maturity is consistency.  We see the importance of consistency several places in James.  In chapter 2 we are called to make our actions consistent with our words. “If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well bed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?” (James 2:16).  In chapter 3 James is talking about how we use our tongue.  Are we inconsistent with our speech? “Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.  My brothers, this should not be” (James 3:10).  On Sunday mornings when we are together with fellow believers and focused on our spiritual journey we might be able to hit a homerun.  However, what is it like for us during the week day after day.  Are we consistent with our faith?  Are we striving to be a mature (professional) Christian?