Family Matters
June 1, 2018

I want to thank all of you who gave your input on what social topics to cover for our current series – Engaging Culture.  I also appreciate the feedback and encouragement you have given throughout this series. I know we are discussing some tough topics – sexual issues and gun violence. These topics are often talked about outside of the church. Why shouldn’t we talk about them inside the church?  We cannot ignore the reality of the world we live in and recognize the fact that Jesus Christ and the Gospel message is just as relevant for our world as it was in Bible times.

As I begin to think about a series for the fall I thought it would be helpful to get your input on this as well. The title of the series will be “Family Matters”.  I want us to look at anything and everything pertaining to being a family. It will be good to look at the challenges we face as well as the good and positive qualities of our families. This summer I will make forms available for your input. As you read over the ideas below and prayerfully consider three things: what specific issues might come under these topics, a personal story to share, and supporting activities and studies.

Family Matters Topics:

  • Parenting at different stages of life, from infant to adult. The responsibilities of a parent change over the years, but a parent always will have some kind of responsibility. It can be really difficult for parents and children to make that transition from one stage of life to another.
  • The challenges in marriage – a marriage is impacted by the stages of life as well.
  • Dealing with a family crisis. There are unexpected events that come into our lives that can threaten to tear a family a part. How do we make it through and maybe even come out stronger on the other end?
  • Special circumstances – examples: parenting special needs children, grand-parents being the caregiver for their grand-children, being single, and married without children.
  • Caring for aging parents. Children have a responsibility to be there for their parents. What does this look like?

I look forward to hearing your great ideas. Who knows, this might start out to be a fall series and carry us through several seasons.